• AudioFile Magazine:

  Elizabeth Warren, by Antonia Felix: “Using a quiet, unassuming voice that channels Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s own unpretentious tones, narrator Suzie Althens delivers a pleasing performance of the story of Senator Warren’s life.”

  Undivided, by Patricia Raybon and Alana Raybon: “Read with sensitivity and feeling.”  

  • The Booklist Reader:  “Top Ten Titles” 

            “This light whodunit is made especially charming with Althens’ spot-on narration. By differentiating pitch and tone and using regional accents for all ages and genders, she produces a cast of fully recognized and distinct, quirky characters. A steady pacing keeps listeners engaged during this rollicking, fun ride.”


                 Suzie Althens gave just the right inflections to Patricia’s despair over her daughter’s choices, putting the right emotional edge in her voice.” 

  • Authors’ Comments:

  • “OMG!!! Amazing. Oh, you NAILED it! Such inflection, clarity, compassion, love, depth. Wow” –Patricia Raybon, author of “Undivided”
  • I love the way you read my story. What a great voice you have! Amazing!” Mary Bevan, author of short story “Buying Time”