• AudioFile Magazine:

DISTURBED IN THEIR NESTS, by Judy A. Bernstein and Alephonsion Deng: “Listeners should turn this title on with a box of tissues at hand because Graham and Althens evoke a range of emotions through their sensitive portrayals.”

ELIZABETH WARREN, by Antonia Felix: “Using a quiet, unassuming voice that channels Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s own unpretentious tones, narrator Suzie Althens delivers a pleasing performance of the story of Senator Warren’s life.”

 UNDIVIDED, by Patricia Raybon and Alana Raybon:“Read with sensitivity and feeling.”  

  • The Booklist Reader:  “Top Ten Titles” 

            “This light whodunit is made especially charming with Althens’ spot-on narration. By differentiating pitch and tone and using regional accents for all ages and genders, she produces a cast of fully recognized and distinct, quirky characters. A steady pacing keeps listeners engaged during this rollicking, fun ride.” MISS RUFFLES INHERITS EVERYTHING, by Nancy Martin

  • Bookreporter:

                  “Suzie Althens gave just the right inflections to Patricia’s despair over her daughter’s choices, putting the right emotional edge in her voice.” UNDIVIDED, by Patricia Raybon and Alana Raybon

  • Authors’ Comments:

  • “OMG!!! Amazing. Oh, you NAILED it! Such inflection, clarity, compassion, love, depth. Wow” –Patricia Raybon, author of “Undivided”
  • I love the way you read my story. What a great voice you have! Amazing!” Mary Bevan, author of short story “Buying Time”